Our Approach

ta-designTraining Agenda have been working with organisations of all sizes from global PLCs through to local SMEs.

Our approach is the same.

We offer experiential learning around a very wide range of subjects that help individuals and organisations to reach the learning outcomes they are seeking.

Our process is a very personal one where the team get to know you and really understand the outcomes you desire and help you to get the right programmes in place to achieve them.  Following on from our initial meeting we will have several milestones that will ensure your programmes land perfectly for your team.

Scoping: Your lead training consultant will come into your organisation and spend time getting to know you and how your people learn best. This is really important to understand the culture and landscape of the organisation before we design a programme with you

Design: The same consultant who leads the scoping process will also lead the design phase. They will co-ordinate the process for you to ensure everyone is engaged and focussed on the programme being a perfect fit.

Launch: We hold launch events and ask your senior stakeholders to be involved in this too. Engagement from all sides is critical to getting the best start.

Delivery: Our events are always very experiential. We use exercises and break-out sessions to really engage and challenge delegates to think differently. We prefer to do this off-site and can arrange venues nationwide and across Europe for this purpose.

Embedding and Coaching: Everyone usually finishes a training event really bouyant and we want to keep this feeling for as long as possible as they return to their role. To do this we like to keep in touch with each delegate post-training to see how they are getting on and help them to use the tools we have shared in training to navigate their daily tasks. We can deliver onward coaching sessions too to really support people.

Evaluation: We like to measure wherever possible to show you a positive return on investment. We use a range of tools to do this, and like to involve organisations too in showing how successful our interventions have been.