Featured Programme

Our featured programme for April is our one day programme focussing on “Performance Coaching”. We update this page each month with details of a programme that has gone exceptionally well in the prvious month in terms of great client and delegate feedback. This programme was delivered for a growing SME business with circa 120 employees and was aimed at first line managers.

This programme focusses on how coaching others is a really powerful way of motivating staff through empowerment, realising ambitious goals, and developing natural talent. It focusses on how to coach others, as well as how ‘not’ to do it.

Performance Coaching is not about alienating members of your team by highlighting their mistakes or performance deficiencies. Nor it is an opportunity for you to show how much you know about a given subject. It is about working with members of your team (peers and seniors also) to help them identify and solve performance related development needs and associated work-based challenges thereby improving the effectiveness of individual team members and the team as a whole.

This programme will:

  • facilitate the learning and use of Coaching models
  • explain whay having belief in others potential is key to the success of performance coaching
  • help you to understand your role as a leader
  • demonstrate effective coaching conversations
  • explain the boundaries between coaching, mentoring, counselling and performance management


Please contact us to talk about how this short course could add real benefit to your organisation. The course designer would love to talk it through with you.